Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pohnpei Island and the Nan Madol Fortress

The Nan Madol fortress on Pohnpei Island is an amazing sight. I rowed the dinghy around the canals and various 92 man made islands within the 200 acre site and discovered it was a huge village with many remains of ancient buildings. Most of the building were constructed of large megalithic basalt columns delivered via sailing canoes from a volcanic basalt quarry 16 miles away. Construction was estimated to have started in 500 AD and continued to the early 1500's AD.

View of 260-foot long north wall of the fortress named Nandauwas.

Many of the basalt columns weigh 5 tons or more. Hard to imagine the numbers of workers required to construct the buildings and canals.

View of the hundreds of canals dug into the island for transportation purposes.
Nan Madol was called Venice of the Pacific by early European explorers.

View from Sokeh's Rock

View of Kolonia harbor from
View of yacht anchorage
from Sokeh's Rock


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"At least it might pay for the film."
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