Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diving Saipan Grotto, Northern Mariana Islands

The west ocean swells have returned to Wing Beach making the dive site inaccessible from shore. Lau Lau Beach dive site visibility is not the greatest due to the storm runoff, so it's back to the Grotto and the famous 112 stair climb back up to the top.

Christmas tree worms Spirobranchus giganteus .
Lion fish Pterois volitans.
Whitemouth moray eel Gymnothorax meleagris.
Very surprised to find this Giant clam has avoided the night poachers Tridacna derasa .
Looking for Waldo? A lonely wrasse swimming with a school of

Gold-spot bream Gnathodentex aureolineatus.

These lacy and delicate hard corals and are located inside the grotto under the dark ledges, very surreal. Distichopora borealis
This Flame Scallop lives inside a dark corner and continues to survive over the years.
Giant moray eel Gymnothorax javanis

Christmas tree worms have hundreds of varying colors. Spirobranchus giganteus

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Island Diver said...

Like your work,
Your close up views of the Grotto, Wing Beach and inhabitants is unique. Any chance you have wide angle shots?