Thursday, July 22, 2010

Palau Diving

The Blue Corner dive site is famous for the grey sharks that glide on the currents. You must use a reef hook to hold on in the strong current. The sharks swim by one after another throughout the dive. This Magnificent Purse Anemone and clown fish is a standard photo op at Blue Corner.

A Ridley's Green Turtle at Turtle Cove.

A squadron of grey reef sharks patrolling Blue Corner.

The Grey Reef Shark, Caracharhinus amblyrhynchos has numerous names among them are the Bronze Whaler, and Whaler Shark,

Mandarin fish, Synchiropus splendidus abound just outside the entrance to Chandelier Cave. The males and females rise up from the coral and start a mating ritual dance that lasts well into the darkness turning this into a night dive. The cave is just a short dinghy ride from where Sooke is anchored. I could spend hours on the dive site.

A male Mandarin fish displaying his colors

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