Thursday, July 4, 2013

Carolinian Sailing Canoe Lien Polowat Arrives on Guam

Traditional Carolinian 27 foot long sailing canoe Lien Polowat arrived on Guam June 24, 2013 after a 5 day 500 nautical miles passage from Polowat Atoll with a stop at Pik Atoll. Eight crew members and the Master Navigator Chief Theo completed the voyage. The voyage was completed using only traditional navigation methods using the stars, wave, swells, and current directions to make a landfall on Guam. Food and provisions for the voyage consisted of coconuts, taro, sweet potatoes, dried and fresh fish.

 Chief Theo recounts the 5 day voyage with local Guam media.
 The canoe was the last sailing canoe crafted by Master Carver and Master Navigator Manny Sikau who passed away on February 2013.
 Hand carved bailing bucket used to keep water out of the canoe. Most of the ropes and rigging were hand woven from coconut husk fibers.
 The canoe will be disassembled and shipped to Japan as a donation to the Oceanic Culture Museum on the island of Okinawa.
 The canoe was shaped from seven breadfruit trees grown on Polowat Atoll.
 Outrigger or aka located on the downwind side of the hull.
 Steering rudder. The helmsman uses his foot to control the rudder to steer the canoe.

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