Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wreck Diving SS SHOUN MARU, Rota Island, Northern Mariana Islands

S. S. SHOUN MARU (AKA SYOUN) former S.S BLUE SKY at anchor off the phosphate and gypsum quarry tramway on the island of Rota. Built in 1941 with a displacement of 4,500 gross tons. Shown at anchor just prior to being torpedoed by a US Navy Grumman TBF torpedo bomber from the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, Task Force 58. The pilot made the first pass and took this photo. Date of sinking February 22, 1944. US Navy photo.On the second pass the bomber dropped a torpedo which struck the ship amidships. The ship sank in 30 minutes and now rests in 110 feet of water. US Navy photo.

Dropping onto the deck at 65 feet. The water visibility was excellent for wide angle photography.

The wreck is subject to the effects of typhoons and many parts are scattered across the bottom.

Dual anchor windlasses and chain on the fore deck. Both anchors were dropped on the bottom.

A construction cart on the main deck. The ship was loading phosphates for gunpowder/fertilizers and and gypsum ore for the manufacturing of cement products.

The reciprocating steam engine still remains on the bottom at 90 feet.


Anonymous said...

That's some clear water!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Smitty
Always wondered where you would end up. Me? I'm still diving the cold dark green waters of BC. Dry suits now... not the Fitzwright wetsuits from the 70's. Hell man we are getting old!
Narked Mark.
Finally got your email so will stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Just dove this site last week. Great visibility. While underwater we all heard a huge "boom". Fish all jumped. made me wonder what the Navy was up to. great dive. Thanks for the info!