Monday, May 4, 2009

ALINGANO MAISU sailing from Palau arrives in the Saipan Lagoon.

Francis Toribiong crew member from Palau, happy to set foot back on land after a difficult 39 day passage from Palau. The canoe battled strong 20 to 25 knot north east trade winds on the bow the whole passage. Constant tacking was required to sail the 800 miles directly upwind to Saipan.
ALINGANO MAISU in the calm Saipan lagoon. Sesario Sewralur the son of Mau Piailug was the master navigator and skipper. The 54 foot Polynesian double hull canoe was constructed in Hawaii and is a gift to Mau Piailug for helping the Hawaiians learn the nearly lost art of open ocean voyaging. The canoe is based on Satawal Island and is used as a training vessel in Yap and Palau.
Map of the traditional Carolinian sailing canoe routes of Micronesia. The passage from Palau to Saipan is 800 miles in distance. The distance from Satawal and Puluwot to Saipan is 500 miles. Map credit to Douglas Herman of Pacific Worlds.

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