Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dive Charter Work on Palau

The Cal 48 "Eclipse" standing off the fishing boat wreck in the Rock Islands.

Charter client Sylvia from Singapore swimming in Jelly Fish Lake. This was a must do trip on every charter.

Jason skipper of "Safari" picks us up after a stunning shark dive on Blue Corner.

Left to right Jason (captain) Sylvia and Ryan (clients from Singapore) and myself (dive guide and cook) on the Grand Banks 40 "Safari" after an excellent charter trip through the Rock Islands.

(Photo: courtesy Tan Hong Yee, Singapore)

The past three months I was hired to help John and Charlie McCready the operators of Palau Sea Adventures Working as a dive guide and cook (ahem...gourmet chef) was a fine way to end this adventure on Palau. Working from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm for 6 days at a time was hard, but rewarding work. Guiding up to 4 dives a day plus a night dive and preparing meals and snacks made for long days. Once I was comfortable with the divers, I took the camera on most dives and built up the photo file. This ends this part of the Palau adventure for awhile, as I'm off to deal with family responsibilities. Next destination: Guam.

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