Saturday, June 4, 2011

Palau Review

The Palauan storyboards make the visit to the Koror jail quite interesting. You walk through the holding cell areas and enter the workshop where one can purchase storyboards carved by the inmates. Some are well made and tell ancient Palauan stories. There is a local story about the wardens getting upset and voiced complaints about the high pay the carvers were getting
for their work. Apparently the inmates were making triple the salary of the guards and wardens.

The student rest area or Bai at the Palau Community College.

Excellent wreck to snorkel out in the Rock Islands. It is a older local fishing boat blown ashore during a typhoon.

Lin talking to Layla

The Japanese tourists always seem to order this dish never touching the meal and spend hours photographing it. Steamed fruit bat in salt, water, and pepper. Yum, Ozzy Osborne loves this.

Turtle Cove always delivers the green turtles on every dive.

Lin would spend hours in Jelly Fish Lake......... until I mentioned the six foot long crocodile the Koror State Rangers removed a few months back

A 10 kilo Spanish Mackerel caught in the Rock Islands.

Bird life in the Rock Islands. This white tern began to become aggressive and started dive bombing the dinghy.

The natural arch rock island. Probably the most photographed site in Palau.

Schooling big eye scad in the German Channel.

Manta ray cruising the German Channel.

A porcelain crab on a giant purse anemone.

Last dive at Blue Corner

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